Frequently Asked Questions

City Council

Q. When and where are city council meetings held and how to I obtain an agenda?

A. For meeting dates and times, please see City Council.

Q. How can I have an issue placed on the City Council meeting agenda?

A. Please see Agendas.


Q. How do I obtain permitting information?

A. Please see Permits.


Q. What do I do if I need to register a pet or have lost a pet?

A. Please visit our Animal Control Page.

Public Information Requests

Q. How do I make a public information request?

A. Please see City Documents.

Trash and Recycle

Q. What day will my Trash and or Recycle be picked up?

A. Please see Waste and Recycle.

Q. Who do I contact if my Trash or Recycle was not picked up?

A. Please see Waste and Recycle.

Q. Where can I take the items that can not be picked up with the regular trash service?

A. Please see Waste and Recycle.

Water and Sewer

Q. How do I pay my city utility bill?

A. Please see Pay Water Bill.

Q. How do I establish new service?

A. Please see Request New Service.